Boston Children’s Hospital

At the conclusion of the 15 year visits, our team saw over 100 teen participants and their families. Boston Children’s ELGAN families traveled from the greater Boston area, across the United States, and even from different countries to participate in the study. 
We are grateful to our ELGAN families for their continued interest and participation in the study. Each family is truly unique and irreplaceable. We appreciate your time and dedication to help us understand the long-term health outcomes of children born extremely preterm.

We are very excited to begin enrollment for the 17 Year study visits!
If you have question about the study or want to schedule your visit, please contact us.

Meet the Boston Children’s Hospital ELGAN 3 Study Team:

Principal Investigator: Dr. Caitlin Rollins
 Department of Neurology
300 Longwood Avenue, Fegan, 11th Floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02115

Study Coordinators:
Maggie Mittleman and Maddie Dolins

(Left to right Maggie Mittleman, Maddie Dolins, Dr. Caitlin Rollins)

Information to Help you Find Us:
Campus Map- On the day of your visit Maddie Dolins, our Elgan 3 Study Coordinator, will meet you next to the Information Desk in the Main Lobby of the hospital.

For more information, check out the Boston Children’s Hospital website!