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The Baystate ELGAN-ECHO Study team would like to thank all of our ELGAN family members for their continued support and agreeing to participate in our follow up study.  With the help of your continued participation in various ELGAN studies over the years, the ELGAN researchers have published numerous research articles that have added a wealth of knowledge about the ever evolving field of neonatology and premature infants. We thank you for your contributions and we hope to have your continued support, so that we can learn and work on improving outcomes for future premature infants. We look forward to your next study visit with us.

Meet our ELGAN ECHO Team at Baystate Medical Center:

Dr. Viadya picture

Principal Investigator:  Ruben Vaidya, MD
Dr. Ruben Vaidya, a Neonatologist at Baystate Children’s Hospital, is very excited to take the lead of the ELGAN-ECHO team as the site primary investigator for the ELGAN-ECHO Study protocol at Baystate. His personal research interest focuses on improving long term respiratory outcomes and improving neurodevelopmental outcomes in premature infants. He is actively involved in multiple research projects and has published numerous manuscripts in different journals.


Katie Wagner picture

Study Coordinator:  Katie Wagner, MS
Katie Wagner is pleased to be joining the ELGAN-ECHO team as the Research Coordinator and is looking forward to meeting all of our families! She worked as a middle school teacher prior to returning to school and is currently working on her Ph.D. at UMass-Amherst where her focus is on reproductive and perinatal epidemiology/public health. Katie has been involved in numerous research projects with a focus on data management and analysis but is excited to be able to directly work with our ELGAN-ECHO families!


Debby Klein

Study Coordinator:  Debby Klein, RN
Debby Klein was the ELGAN II and ELGAN-ECHO (15 Yr) Research Nurse Coordinator.  She is stepping down from the Lead Coordinator role.  Debby has felt honored to be able to work with our Baystate ELGAN Families to gather helpful information for future premies and their families.  She plans to continue research related to Kangaroo Care. 

Contact Information:
Ruben Vaidya:, Phone: 413.794.2400
Katie Wagner:, Office: 413.794.3278 Cell: 413.636.5396
Debby Klein:, Phone: 413.794.3278

Address: Newborn Medicine, ELGAN Study, Baystate Children’s Hospital
759 Chestnut Street, W2810, Springfield, MA 01199