Study Overview

We believe that this work has the potential to make a difference in the care and outcome of children born very early and may make an important contribution to preventing learning and behavior problems in children. This goal was a driving force behind the ELGAN Study when we started over 18 years ago and it continues to inspire and energize ELGAN ECHO and ELGAN Study team members today.

Check out the maps below to see where our ELGANs were born and where they’ve moved over the years.

Map with states of birth locations highlighted.  States are Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina, Massachusets and Connecticut.

Highlighted States show ELGAN Participants
Birth Locations in the United States of America

Map showing participants are currently located in 35 different states

Highlighted States show ELGAN Participants
Current Locations in the United States of America

Since 2002, ELGAN researchers have followed


3 months

at 14

in 5

In the first few weeks after birth, when the babies had routine blood tests, we saved a drop or two for later testing.

Through analyzing these saved blood samples, we learned that children who had signs of sustained inflammation in their blood were more likely to have development problems when they were 2 and 10 years old.

We are currently collecting and analyzing data while participants are 15-20 years of age.