Academic Achievement Deficits and Their Neuropsychological Correlates in Children Born Extremely Preterm

Natacha Akshoomoff, Robert M Joseph, H Gerry Taylor, Elizabeth N Allred, Timothy Heeren, Thomas M OʼShea, Karl C K Kuban

J Dev Behav Pediatr. 2017 Oct;38(8):627-637.

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OBJECTIVE: to examine risks associated with LDs in a large sample of children born EP.

RESULTS / CONCLUSION: risk of low math achievement scores (27%) was 1.5 times higher than risk of low reading achievement scores (17%). LD based on reading only (RD, 6.4% of sample), math only (MD, 16.2%), both reading and math (RD/MD, 8.3%), or no reading or math disabilities (No LD, 69.1%). The RD and MD groups had different patterns of neuropsychological impairment. ELGAN children had higher than expected rates of LD, particularly in mathematics, even after taking SES into consideration. Results indicate specific cognitive weaknesses that differ between EP children with RD and MD.