Accuracy of the Bayley-II mental development index at 2 years as a predictor of cognitive impairment at school age among children born extremely preterm

Thomas M O’Shea, Robert M Joseph, Elizabeth N Allred, H Gerry Taylor, Alan Leviton, Tim Heeren, Laurie M Douglass, Jean A Frazier, Hernan Jara, Karl C K Kuban, ELGAN Study Investigators

J Perinatol. 2018 Jul;38:908-916.

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Almost two-thirds of children with a low MDI had a normal IQ (≥ 70) at 10 years. Concordance between MDI and IQ was highest among children with major motor and/or sensory impairment, and when MDI was adjusted for gestational age.

CONCLUSION: Most children born extremely preterm with low BSID-II MDI at 2 years have normal intelligence at school age.