Antenatal antecedents of a small head circumference at age 24-months post-term equivalent in a sample of infants born before the 28th post-menstrual week

Alan Leviton, Karl Kuban, Elizabeth N Allred, Jonathan L Hecht, Andrew Onderdonk, T Michael O’Shea, Thomas McElrath, Nigel Paneth, ELGAN Study Investigators

Early Hum Dev. 2010;86:515-21

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Risk of MC decreased monotonically with increasing GA. After adjusting, the risk of MC at 2 years included MC at birth [odds ratio: 8.8 ((95% confidence interval: 3.7, 21)], alpha hemolytic Streptococci from placenta [2.9 (1.2, 6.9)], males [2.8 (1.6, 4.9)], and the child’s mother un married [2.5 (1.5, 4.3)].