Anxiety and Depression Correlates at Age 10 in Children Born Extremely Preterm

Phoebe S Moore, Irina Mokrova, Jean A Frazier, Robert M Joseph, Hudson P Santos, Yael Dvir, Stephen R Hooper, T Michael O’Shea, Laurie M Douglass, Karl C K Kuban

J Pediatr Psychol. 2021 Jan 4; jsaa118.

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Anxiety and depression rates are elevated in prematurely-born children and adolescents. This prospective study examines demographic, academic, and physical health correlates of anxiety and depression symptoms in a sample of 10-y-o children born EP. Participants were 889 (51.2% male; 62.3% White). Level of prematurity was significantly related to both parent and teacher reports of anxiety. Public health insurance and IEP were associated with both parent and teacher reports of depression. Hispanic ethnicity, public insurance, IEP status, and asthma were significantly associated with both parent-reported anxiety and depression. Gross motor impairment was associated with parent-reported anxiety and teacher-reported depression. Child obesity was associated with teacher reports of anxiety, while male sex was significantly related to teacher reports of depression.