Assessing Positive Child Health among Individuals Born Extremely Preterm

Jacqueline T Bangma, Evan Kwiatkowski, Matthew Psioda, Hudson P Santos Jr, Stephen R Hooper, Laurie Douglass, Robert M Joseph, Jean A Frazier, Karl C K Kuban, Thomas M O’Shea, Rebecca C Fry

J Pediatr. 2018 Aug 2. pii: S0022-3476(18)30836-9.

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OBJECTIVE: To assess development of a Positive Child Health Index (PCHI) based on 11 adverse outcomes & evaluate association of PCHI with QoL

RESULTS: Among ELGAN children, higher PCHI scores associated with higher QoL scores for all QoL categories. Children with no disorders and a PCHI of 100% had Pediatric QoL Inventory total scores 11 points higher than children with 1 or more adverse outcomes (PCHI of <100%). Boys had lower QoL scores for the total, psychosocial, social, and school categories.

CONCLUSIONS: PCHI was associated with QoL across the ELGAN cohort at school age. In the current study, the PCHI encompassed 11 outcomes assessed.