Reference weights for placentas delivered before the 28th week of gestation

J L Hecht, H J Kliman, E N Allred, S M Pflueger, C-H Chang, B J Doss, D Roberts, C A Livasy, I Bhan, E Zambrano, D W Ross, P Senagore, A N Husain, A Leviton

Placenta 2007;28:987-90

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We measured the weight of 930 singleton placentas delivered < 28th week, and examined distributions of wts. We excluded 90 IUGR, resulting in normative sample of 840 placentas. Placenta weight varied with B Wt. Placentas from pregnancies ending due to preeclampsia, fetal indications or with poor perfusion on histology were among smallest and weights correlated with the smallest birth weights for gestational age.