Antenatal and neonatal antecedents of learning limitations in 10-year old children born extremely preterm

Alan Leviton, Robert M Joseph, Elizabeth N Allred, T Michael O’Shea, Karl K C Kuban

Early Hum Dev. 2018 Feb 6;118:8-14.

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56 children had reading ONLY limitation, 132 children had math ONLY limitation and 89 children had reading AND math limitations. All risk profiles included an indicator of SE disadvantage (e.g., “racial” identity & health care insurance), an indicator of newborn’s immaturity/vulnerability (e.g., high illness severity score, hydrocortisone receipt , and/or ventilator-dependence at 36 weeks), and all but the math only limitation included an indicator of fetal growth restriction and inflammation (pregnancy UTI or late ventilator-dependence).