Antenatal glucocorticoids and neonatal inflammation-associated proteins

Maheer Faden, Mari Holm, Elizabeth Allred, Raina Fichorova, Olaf Dammann, Alan Leviton, ELGAN Study Investigators

Cytokine. 2016 Dec;88:199-208

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We measured proteins on postnatal day 1 (N=1118), 7 (N=1138), 14 (N=1030), 21 (N=936) and 28 (N=877) from infants born before 28th week and explored relationship between antenatal steroid receipt and protein concentrations in highest and lowest quartiles. Twenty of 420 assessments [21 (proteins) × 2 (exposure levels: partial and full) × 2 (quartile levels: top and bottom)×5 (days)] were statistically significant without any cohesive pattern. Among infants born before 28 weeks of GA, neither full, nor partial courses of antenatal steroid have sustained anti-inflammatory effect.