Chronic lung disease and developmental delay at two years of age in children born before 28 weeks gestation

Matthew Laughon, Michael T O’Shea, Elizabeth N Allred, Carl Bose, Karl Kuban, Linda J Van Marter, Richard A Ehrenkranz, Alan Leviton, ELGAN Study Investigators

Pediatrics 2009;124:637-48.

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49% of ELGANs had CLD; of these, 14% received MV at 36 wks PM age. ELGANs w/o CLD had lowest risk of a MDI or PDI <55, followed by ELGANs with CLD not receiving MV, and ELGANs with CLD receiving MV (9%, 12%, and 18% for the MDI and 7%, 10%, and 20% for the PDI, respectively). In TORM models, the risk of an MDI of <55 ass’ed w/following variables: GA <25 wks; single mother; late bacteremia; PTX; and NEC. The risk of PDI of <55 ass’ed w/single mother, complete course of ACS, early & persistent pulm dysfunction, pulm deterioration during 2nd postnatal wk, PTX, and PIE. CLD, without or with MV, not ass’ed w/risk of either low MDI or low PDI.