Elevated concentrations of inflammation-related proteins in postnatal blood predict severe developmental delay at 2 years of age in extremely preterm infants

T Michael O’Shea, Elizabeth N Allred, Karl C K Kuban, Olaf Dammann, Nigel Paneth, Raina Fichorova, Deborah Hirtz, Alan Leviton, Extremely Low Gestational Age Newborn (ELGAN) Study Investigators

J Pediatr. 2012;16):395-401

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For 17 of 25 inflammation-related proteins, 1 or more significant associations (P<.01) was found between an ↑ blood level of protein and developmental impairment at age 2 years. ↑s on multiple days were more often associated with developmental impairment than on only 1 day. The highest number of ↑s was found in day-14 blood.