Histologic characteristics of singleton placentas delivered before the 28th week of gestation

Jonathan L Hecht, Elizabeth N Allred, Harvey J Kliman, Eduardo Zambrano, Barbara J Doss, Aliya Husain, Solveig M V Pflueger, Chung-Ho Chang, Chad A Livasy, Drucilla Roberts, Ina Bhan, Dennis W Ross, Patricia Kaman Senagore, Alan Leviton, Elgan Study Investigators

Pathology 2008;40:372-6

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Lesions of uteroplacental circulation (abruption, extensive infarction/thrombosis, basal or perivillous fibrin deposition, ↑syncytial knots) inversely related to membrane & cord inflammation. Earlier GA favored inflamm; older age favored charact of ↓blood flow. Inflammation of chorionic plate in 43%, cord in 19%, & chorionic plate vessels in 30%. Of placentas w/umb cord inflammation, 8% had no inflammation of chorionic plate.