Nutritional practices and growth velocity in the first month of life in extremely premature infants

Camilia R Martin, Yolanda F Brown, Richard A Ehrenkranz, T Michael O’Shea, Elizabeth N Allred, Mandy B Belfort, Marie C McCormick, Alan Leviton, Extremely Low Gestational Age Newborns Study Investigators

Pediatrics 2009;124:649-57

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Protein and fat delivery ~current nutritional recommendations, whereas CBH & total energy intake delivery did not. Yet, GV of infants > current guideline of 15 g/kg per/d. Yet, we found growth restriction (ie, weight for GA < 10th centile) in 75% of infants at 28 d. Early nutrients is important determinant of postnatal growth. Extrauterine growth restriction remains high in ELGANs even when w/GV rate within current guidelines.