Patterns of respiratory disease during the first two postnatal weeks in extremely premature infants

Matthew Laughon, Elizabeth N Allred, Carl Bose, T Michael O’Shea, Linda J Van Marter, Richard A Ehrenkranz, Alan Leviton, ELGAN Study Investigators

Pediatrics 2009;123:1124 -1131.

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20% of infants had consistently low fraction of inspired oxygen, ~ 38% had pulm deterioration, and remaining 43% had consistently high fraction of inspired O2 (early and persistent lung dysfunction). Infants w/pulm deterioration had lower GA and lower B Wts, had higher SNAP, and received more respiratory support. Gender, multifetal pregnancy, C/S, ACS, chorioamnionitis, & funisitis not associated w/pulm deterioration. Incidence of CLD, O2 tx at 36 wks’, was 17% in low fraction of inspired O2 group, 51% in pulm deterioration group, & 67% in early/persistent pulm dysfunction group.