Observer variability identifying attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in 10-year-old children born extremely preterm

Alan Leviton, Scott J Hunter, Megan N Scott, Stephen R Hooper, Robert M Joseph, Thomas Michael O’Shea, Elizabeth N Allred, Karl Kuban

Acta Paediatr. 2017 Aug;106:1317-1322.

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AIM: A DSM-5 diagnosis of (ADHD) requires that symptoms be present in two settings. We wanted to see how teachers and parents compare on their assessments.

METHODS: We evaluated how well (CSI-4) reports from 871 parents and 634 teachers of provided information about indicators of school dysfunction.

RESULTS: Kappa values for parent and teacher agreement of any ADHD were at best fair to poor (<0.41). Nevertheless, ADHD identified by each alone provided a moderate amount of information about such indicators of school dysfunction as grade repetition.

CONCLUSION: ADHD identified by a single observer can provide appreciable information about a range of the child’s functions needed for success in school.