Relationships among the concentrations of 25 inflammation-associated proteins during the first postnatal weeks in the blood of infants born before the 28th week of gestation

Alan Leviton, Elizabeth N Allred, Hidemi Yamamoto, Raina N Fichorova, ELGAN Study Investigators

Cytokine. 2012 Jan;57:182-90.

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On each of 3 days assessed, ↑ concentrations of 17 proteins were associated with ↑ concentrations of 15 or more of the other 24 proteins. An ↑ concentration of eight proteins on day 1 predicted ↑ concentration of 10 or more proteins on day 7, while an ↑ concentration of two proteins on day 7 were associated with 10 or more proteins on day-14. Few associations seen between days 1 & 14.: Inflammation is a diffuse process in ELGANs, with ↑ concentrations of proteins on same and subsequent days