Retinopathy of prematurity and brain damage in the very preterm newborn

Elizabeth N Allred, Antonio Capone Jr, Anthony Fraioli, Olaf Dammann, Patrick Droste, Jay Duker, Robert Gise, Karl Kuban, Alan Leviton, T Michael O’Shea, Nigel Paneth, Robert Petersen, Michael Trese, Kathleen Stoessel, Deborah Vanderveen, David K Wallace, Grey Weaver

J AAPOS. 2014 Jun;18:241-7.

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The 173 children w/severe ROP (prethreshold ROP or worse) were more likely than peers without ROP to have brain HUS lesions or CP, and twice as likely to have Bayley Scales scores <55. After adjusting for risk factors common to both ROP and brain disorders, infants with severe ROP were at increased risk of low Bayley Scales only. Exposure to anesthesia was not associated with low Bayley Scales.