SNAP-II and SNAPPE-II and the risk of structural and functional brain disorders in ELGANs

Olaf Dammann, Mary Naples, Francis Bednarek, Bhavesh Shah, Karl C K Kuban, T Michael O’Shea, Nigel Paneth, Elizabeth N Allred, Alan Leviton, ELGAN Study Investigators

The ELGAN study. Neonatology 2010;97:71-82.

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After adjustment for GA, high SNAP-II and SNAPPE-II scores predicted IVH, mod/sev VMeg and EL lesions in cerebral WM. Only 2 highest decile for GA and a Z score >1, predicted EL lesions. Neither SNAP-II nor SNAPPE-II predicted CP. MDI and PDI scores <55 were predicted by both high SNAP-II and SNAPPE-II High SNAP-II and SNAPPE-II inconsistently predicted positive screen for ASD and small HC at 24 mos.