Antecedents and correlates of visual field deficits in children born extremely preterm

Mari Holm, Michael E Msall, Jon Skranes, Olaf Dammann, Elizabeth Allred, Alan Leviton

Eur J Paediatr Neurol. 2015 Jan;19:56-63.

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The VF of 1023 infants assessed by confrontation at age 2 yrs. We compared ante-and postnatal characteristics and exposures of 65 infants with a VFD to peers w/o a VFD. In final regression model, VFD was associated with maternal aspirin use during pregnancy, recurring/persistent acidemia in first 3 postnatal days, cerebral Vmeg, prethreshold ROP, supplemental O2, and vent dependence at 36 wks. Birth before the 27th week was also associated with increased risk, but was diminished by the addition of postnatal variables. Our study supports a multifactorial cause of these deficits.