Antecedents of the Child Behavior Checklist-Dysregulation Profile in Children Born Extremely Preterm

Jean A Frazier, Mollie E Wood, Janice Ware, Robert M Joseph, Karl C Kuban, Michael O’Shea, Elizabeth N Allred, Alan Leviton, ELGAN Study Investigators

J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 2015 Oct;54:816-23

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We evaluated antenatal & early postnatal antecedents that might mediate association between EP and emotional and behavioral dysregulation (DP) at age 2 years. 9% of 826 ELGAN Study children had a CBCL-DP. Only low maternal education, passive smoking, and recovery of Mycoplasma from placenta were associated with ↑risk, whereas histologic chorioamnionitis was associated with ↓risk, raising possibility that modifiable antenatal and early postnatal phenomena contribute to risk of DP.