Detection of Bacteria in Placental Tissues Obtained from Extremely Low Gestational Age Neonates (ELGAN)

Andrew B Onderdonk, Mary L Delaney, Andrea M DuBois, Elizabeth N Allred, Alan Leviton, Extremely Low Gestational Age Newborns (ELGAN) Study Investigators

Am J Obstet Gynecol 2008;198:110.e1-7

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The culture + rate was higher for vaginal deliveries (333/489; 68%) than for cesarean sections (363/876; 41%). 30% of culture-positive samples had only aerobic bacteria, 21% had only anaerobic bacteria, and 9% had only Mycoplasma/Ureaplasma. Staph and Corynebacterium & organisms associated w/bacterial vaginosis most frequently recovered. Approximately 1/2 of 2nd trimester placentas had orgs w/i chorionic plate.