Early postnatal hypotension is not associated with indicators of white matter damage or cerebral palsy in extremely low gestational age newborns

J W Logan, T M O’Shea, E N Allred, M M Laughon, C L Bose, O Dammann, D G Batton, K C Kuban, N Paneth, A Leviton, ELGAN Study Investigators

J Perinatol. 2011;31:524-34

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21 % of survivors had lowest BP in lowest ¼ ile for GA, 24% txed with pressors & 24% had labile BP . Among these infants, 10% % developed VM and 7% developed an EL lesion. At 2 years, 6% had QP, 4% DP and 2% HP. After adjusting for confounders, no association between indicators of hypotension, and indicators of cerebral WMD or CP.