Maternal microbe-specific modulation of inflammatory response in extremely low-gestational-age newborns

Raina N Fichorova, Andrew B Onderdonk, Hidemi Yamamoto, Mary L Delaney, Andrea M DuBois, Elizabeth Allred, Alan Leviton, Extremely Low Gestation Age Newborns (ELGAN) Study Investigators

MBio. 2011 18;2:e00280-10

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Mixed bacterial vaginosis (BV) organisms were associated with a proinflammatory pattern similar to facultative anaerobes. Prevotella and Gardnerella species, anaerobic streptococci, peptostreptococci, and genital mycoplasmas associated with different patterns of elevated inflammation-related proteins. Lactobacillus associated with low inflammatory response. Microorganisms colonizing placenta provoke distinctive newborn inflammatory responses & Lactobacillus may suppress these responses.