Patterns of blood protein concentrations of ELGANs classified by three patterns of respiratory disease in the first 2 postnatal weeks

Matthew Laughon, Carl Bose, Elizabeth N. Allred, T. Michael O’Shea, Richard A. Ehrenkranz, Linda J. Van Marter, Alan Leviton, and for the ELGAN Study Investigators

Pediatr Res. 2011 ;70:292-6


Two patterns of early lung disease: early and persistent pulmonary dysfunction (EPPD) and nl pulmonary function followed by pulmonary deterioration (PD). 38% (n = 347) of our cohort had PD, and 43% (n = 383) had EPPD. On d 14, elevated RANTES and VEGF associated with ↓ risk of PD. Risk of EPPD ↓ with elevated RANTES, MMP-1, and VEGF on d 14. Risk of EPPD was ↑ if on d 14 IL-8 & ICAM-1 were ↑. Inflammation might influence EPPD and PD risk, or be a consequence of lung damage or therapies.