Persistence after birth of systemic inflammation associated with umbilical cord inflammation

Alan Leviton, Jonathan L Hecht, Elizabeth N Allred, Hidemi Yamamoto, Raina N Fichorova, Olaf Dammann, ELGAN Study Investigators

J Reprod Immunol. 2011 ;90:235-43

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Seven of nine proteins [CRP, myeloperoxidase , IL1β, IL8, TNFα, ICAM3, and MMP9) were elevated on d 7 among infants with funisitis. Adjusting for GA, SGA, and three postnatal exposures (ventilation on day 7, early bacteremia, and Bell stage III NEC) did not diminish the elevated OR of ↑ MPO, IL1β, TNFα, IL8, ICAM3, and MMP9. The persistence of a relationship between umbilical cord inflammation and inflammation-related proteins on postnatal day 7 suggests sustained systemic inflammation.